Pet Portraits and Wildlife Portraits by Nutty

Photography Tips

As I work from photographs it is important that the photo you send me is clear and shows a true likeness. Several would be even better as this allows me to get a real feel for the character and colouring of your pet. If you are experiencing difficulties getting a good photo then get someone to help you. It doesn't matter if they get in the photograph, as long as they don't obscure the subject, as they will be left out of the pet portrait. Toys and treats are useful to get the attention of your pet. I can work from less than perfect photos so please don't be afraid to contact me if you have a special one that you are unsure about. If you live in the Maldon, Essex area I would be more than happy to take the photograph for you.

Try to Avoid the following...

Using flash photography if at all possible as this tends to give the pet the dreaded 'devil eye' syndrome and distort the colour of the pet's fur! Photos which are blurred and out of focus; Photos taken looking down on your pet unless this is the pose you want to see in the portrait. A more dynamic pet portrait is achieved if the photo has been taken on the same level as the subject; Avoid standing too close when taking the photo as features will become distorted:

Send photos that are...

Clear photos taken on the same level. This may mean you have to crouch down to take the photo or put the subject on a higher surface if he/she is very small.